Our Mission

We harness the power of holographic, mixed reality to create meaningful application for companies, organizations and individuals.

Mixed reality brings your digital content into the real world, unlocking new insights and capabilities, enabling clearer communication, and higher confidence in decision making.

In indoor agriculture, technicians can view sensor data and controls for each plant, quickly spotting issues and making adjustments that create an optimal mixture of lighting, water, and nutrients.


We seek to raise awareness & empathy, connect people, and protect our planet.

We partner with companies and organizations who share these common values.

BGC Engineering can transform flat engineering drawings into interactive and immersive 3D enabling clients and other stakeholders to make high-confidence decisions.

Our Team

We have years of experience unlocking the potential of mixed reality for companies and organizations.

Sebastien Motte
Sébastien Motte, CEO
Head of the Xbox First-Party Biz Dev team for 12 years. Founder of Mintonic, a Biz Dev and Strategy consulting agency. Engineer in agriculture, and certified Kundalini yoga teacher.
John Howard
John Howard, Creative Director
Creative Director on Microsoft HoloLens for partnerships with NASA, Autodesk and Trimble. Creative Director on Xbox Fitness. Design Lead on Halo: Combat Evolved.
Timothy Thibault
Timothy Thibault, Director of Engineering
Co-founding engineer of MSN Games and 2 game startups. 25 years of game software engineering on all major platforms (web, PC, console, mobile etc.).
Jeff Close
Jeff Close, Director of Engineering
Engineering Director at Virtually Live, Double Down Interactive, Senior Architect at Sony Online Entertainment, 20+ years of games, AI, and platform software development.
Jordan Wischmann
Jordan Wischmann, Holographic Designer
Lead visual and motion graphics designer on the Microsoft HoloLens team for 3 years. Shipped HoloLens apps RoboRaid and HoloStudio.
Our Approach

We’ve spent years unlocking the potential of mixed reality computing.

Now we help clients identify the best scenarios to fit their unique needs, and opportunities.

Our proof of concept prototypes and presentations can help organizations make high confidence decisions about how holographic computing will impact their business.

Our Services


User research
Experience roadmap
Product strategy


Concept development
Rapid prototyping
Spatial UX / UI
Spatial audio design
Application design


Product development
Asset creation