VIDEO: Creating Mixed Reality Experiences for Virgin Audiences

Enterprise interest in VR/MR is moving from R+D, to product, service, and sales. So as designers and engineers, how do we build experiences for virgin audiences that ensure the message isn’t overshadowed by the technology?

VR/MR experiences are a tidal wave of new: New hardware, new interfaces, and new ideas of what’s possible. With so much "new", it is easy for first-time users to end up confused, overwhelmed, or even embarrassed. Fall prey to any of these pitfalls and users end up focused on the technology, and not your message.

For the last several years, John Howard and the team at LOOOK have created VR/MR applications that have been experienced by thousands of people.  In this presentation, we share our first-hand understanding of what works, what doesn't, and how to ensure new users are focused on your message, and not the technology.