Multi-user data visualization with HoloLens

LOOOK developed a cutting-edge solution for visualizing data in 3D. With our data-driven application, KPMG can visualize more dimensions of data than is possible using traditional 2D visualizations, and present data insights that are more natural and intuitively understood.

This past October, KPMG showcased our solution at their D+A Insights summit in Berlin. Last week in Davos at the World Economic Forum we demoed the 3D data visualization App for KPMG with 15 HoloLens devices connected to a same session and sharing the same holographic space in the same room!

The app features a facilitator mode that allows to manage the demo flow using a control panel and various data filtering functions. At anytime the facilitator can give control to one of the guest by air-taping on the arrow above the guest head.

KPMG partners use this multi-user application to lead groups of C-suite clients through leading edge data visualization solutions to help clients maximize growth, reduce risk and execute cost cutting business opportunities.

3D Visualizations are dynamic, and allow to groups to quickly evaluate different points of view and identify powerful insights and opportunities. The solution has already been deployed to KPMG's Insights Center in Frankfurt, with plans to deploy it to Insight Centers in Hong Kong, London, Paris, and New York later this year.