A Letter From Our CEO

I was fortunate to sit down with Alex Kipman several years ago to hear about his vision for what became today HoloLens.  After experiencing some very early prototypes, I felt profoundly impacted and I started asking myself what the impact of such a disruptive technology could have on humanity…  Last year, I decided to embrace and harness the power of holographic, mixed reality computing to form a studio to build meaningful applications to raise awareness and empathy, connect people, and protect our Planet. That’s how LOOOK started.

I grew up on a farm in France, I’m engineer in agriculture, and I’m a Kundalini yoga teacher with 20 years of experience in the video game platform industry.  I’m now connecting the dots and putting everything together.  Our mission statement comes from my DNA and background and I’m very fortunate to have John Howard as a Co-Founder and Asobo Studio as a strategic development partner onboard with me and fully aligned with these core values:

Raising Awareness and Empathy

By overlaying on the real world 3 Dimensional information, we can better understand and interact with our surroundings and environment. There is a one to one correlation for the brain to see in 3D and therefore learn and act more effectively. (Boeing did some interesting research that proves this).

By raising awareness, we consequently develop empathy. We completely agree with Chris Milk when he talks about VR being the ultimate empathy machine. We believe Mixed Reality can also be a very powerful engine.

Connect People

Along with empathy comes Connection. Humans need and strive with connections. The concept of Holoportation offers fascinating opportunities.

Protect our Planet

Our planet is beautiful and is our Mother. It’s time for everyone to do their part to protect it. By working with sustainable companies we want to make our own contribution as impactful as possible.  We believe in the potential of Mixed Reality to make our dent.


We are building a multicultural and diverse team of talented people who share our core values and are passionate about our mission.

Sébastien Motte,
Co-Founder & CEO,