Engineering Done Right

LOOOK worked with applied earth sciences consulting firm BGC Engineering to develop a tool to help them communicate their most complex geo-engineering challenges.

Many of BGC's projects are big enough to be seen from space. They involve displacing millions of tons of earth, and can take decades to complete. But as engineers, they still communicate using stacks of 2D engineering drawings.

Using HoloLens, BGC can now use 3D to communicate earth science engineering more naturally. Stacks of flat engineering drawings are being replaced by interactive, 3D maps that clients can explore at their own pace.

“This move to interactive 3D and immersive landscapes will revolutionize how BGC executes and communicates the work we do.”
— Steve Hedberg, President and CEO, BGC Engineering

When BGC need to explain the engineering of a terrain feature, engineering data is already embedded in the visuals, so the information is only a glance away.

Some of BGC's most challenging projects involve the reclamation of former open pit mines. Holograms allow clients and stakeholders to stand in the reclaimed environment and see what that final landscape will be. This is easier to understand, for experts and non-experts alike.